Wednesday, 15 February

Internatonal Floorball Tournament Oka – Volga Cup 2017

The tournament regulations has been published on the site.

Saturday, 31 December

Internatonal Floorball Tournament Oka – Volga Cup 2017

Announcement (.pdf, 6,4 MB)

Poster Oka-Volga 2017 Floorball Tournament
Sunday, 25 December
Happy New Year


Wednesday, 31 October

Now… to our new friends, welcome, to our old friends, welcome back!

Another tournament full of remarkable events awaits you… easy to register… easy to come and play… many enjoyable… vivid recollections… Taste it!

We are looking forward to meet you at our floorball events in 2008. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Friday, 29 June

Dear floorball friends,
Thank you for the interest you have shown in our Oka-Volga Cup! We are waiting for you in 2008, May 1-4. Welcome to Russia, Nizhny Novgorod.
Sincerely Yours,
Tournament Organizers.

Friday, 22 June

Oka-Volga Cup 2007 and Nizhny Novgorod as a city from the direction of the team Kloten Bulach Jets (SUI).

Friday, 22 June

Oka-Volga Cup 2007 results:

Friday, 1 June

Pictures from the Oka-Volga Cup matches.

Thursday, 12 April

Team Raduga.

The origins of the club, which arouse from joining three floorball teams in the city called CF-94, Lider and Raduga, reach 13 years back to the past. It has modest ambitions before the Oka-Volga Cup, though: having the tenth participation in a row.

The rejuvenated team does not have any prominent personalities. At present, the club’s base comprises about 20 members. The team will be led to the goal fulfillment, which lies in advancing to the semi-finals, by the captain and a well-experienced Sergei Vlasov (#54). Further, Vladislav Snegiryov (#33) sticks out from the players list too.

Monday, 9 April

We begin to introduce the participants of the Oka-Volga Cup. First of all it is the Cup 2006 owner in the Men elite category…

Team Nizhegorodets.

Floorball is still waiting for its boom in the country of unlimited possibilities. Russia only has 6 - 10 active teams and not many registered players.

The club from Nizhny Novgorod has ranked among the top home teams for years and it is a significant source of the Russia’s national players among whom Dmitrij Pudov, Vladimir Gorshenenko, Valerij Maslov and Michail Bukin have already some experience with playing for the national team. All these guys will drudge their team on the way to victory this year.

Wednesday, 1 November

Welcome to Nizhny Novgorod at the start of 2007 to become a part Oka-Volga Cup! For the tenth time in a row OKA-VOLGA CUP international youth and senior tournament will be settled. For the twelfth time is the Volga Cup arranged in Nizhny Novgorod between May 3-6, 2007.

At the best sport center you can really experience the warm floorball atmosphere. To be able to watch women, juniors, younger girls and men creates a special spirit among the teams. All the games are played at our big good-class arena. In total more than 50 matches will be played and about 500 goals are scored!

Taste it!

When you are not occupied with matches we offer a lot of other activities such as excursions, discos, pubs, night club are to expect. So it will not be difficult for You to call home, and continue Your acquaintance with our city. Experience shows, that it is important to meet other teams and players, playing good matches. Our purpose is that floorball tournaments should be much more than floorball.

Nizhny Novgorod region is situated in the central-European part of Russia along the 57th parallel, at the confluence of two great Russian rivers - the Oka and the Volga. Nowadays Nizhny Novgorod ranks third in population of today Russia. It is inhabited by 1.5 mln people and covers about 350 square km. The area of the region comprises about 80 000 sq. km., which corresponds to approximately 0,5 % of the total area of RF. It seems necessary to note that Nizhny lies some 450 km away from Moscow, which is Russia’s capital.


Tuesday, 21 February

Dear floorball friends,

Earlier you received the invitation to visit Russia and take part in the Oka-Volga Cup 2006. Let us remind you that the February, 28 is the deadline for application of participants in this sports event.

The tournament regulations as well as question of accommodation for the players will be finally settled after all the teams have been registered and the registration results accepted.

Nizhny Novgorod city center can offer plenty of means of restoration and entertainment, such as night clubs, discos, restaurants, remarkable architecture and historical monuments.

And finally! While you are not occupied with the tournament matches you can visit the motor show or fishing and hunting exhibition which are going to be held at the same time.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to seeing you and your friends in Nizhny Novgorod.

Sincerely Yours, Sergei Bolshakov, Tournament Director.

Friday, 10 February

NNFF bank details added to the Tournament regulations and to the Payments sections of the Oka - Volga Cup 2006 data division.

Thursday, 9 February

We would like you to look through some photos from our last youth floorball tournament which took place at the sport center Meschera in January.

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