Tournament regulations

International Floorball Tournament.
Oka – Volga Cup 2006.
April, 27-30, Nizhny Novgorod, RUSSIA

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Rules of the game

The tournament is played in accordance with the International Floorball Federation Rules. The pass to the goalkeeper is not allowed!



The teams will be divided into groups of 4–6 where all teams meet in round robin series. Places will be distributed among the teams according to the number of points. Two points are given for victory, one point — for draw and zero for defeat. If two or more teams have the same number of points, the order will be decided as follows:

The two best teams in each group will advance to the play–off in final. The other teams (3–6 places) will advance to play–off in wrestling for the other places (5th–place between the teams has 3rd place in their groups, etc.)

Note: if a play–off game ending with a tie the winner must be decided through penalty shots.

Game time

Regular game time for Male, Female, male (born 1989 and younger) and female (born 1989 and younger) is 3 x 15 minutes with two 3 minute intermissions. An administrating authority use non–effective time. During play–off last 3 minutes of regular game time is effective.

Regular game time for male (born 1991 and younger), female (born 1991 and younger) and male (born 1993 and younger), female (born 1993 and younger) is 2 x 15 minutes with 3 minute intermission. An administrating authority use non–effective time. During play–off last 3 minutes of regular game time is effective.


The best teams in each category will be awarded with a diploma, cup and medals.

Enrollment Fee

The enrollment fee is EUR 210.00 per team and must be transferred not later than 28.2.2006, to the NNFF Ltd.

Individual Fee

Any team that does not accept any of the lodging alternatives offered by the organizers is obliged to pay the individual fee — EUR 19/per person.

Training hour or friend match

Price for one hour training or friend match is 35 EUR, to be paid by ordering team. Organizers don't provide referees for friend matches. Trainings and friend matches are booked in the tournament arenas (rinks and goals included); the final schedule will be published on the Internet page. Please note that the trainings may not be arranged during the actual tournament days.

Important Information

Please note that every participant is taking part in the tournament on his own risk and is not generally insured by the organization. Therefore a general travel insurance is recommended.

In order to visit Russian Federation you have to get entry/exit visa. Would you, please, fill out an application form and E-mail it to the organizers. It will help the organizers in drawing up the necessary documents.

Arrival assistance (airport transfer for all teams arriving by plane). Teams arriving by plane will be provided free transfer from the airport to their requested lodging /1 per team/ in case they specify the exact arrival details 7 days prior arrival at the latest. Additional transfers or return transfers to the airport may be booked separately for EUR 150/per team.

Duration of stay assistance (transfer for the teams which have accepted one of the lodging alternatives offered by the organizers). The teams will be provided free transfer from the hotel to sport hall to play the match and return. Additional transfers may be booked separately for EUR 275/per team/during the whole tournament.

Additional Information

We are ready to answer any your question and to consider your wishes concerning your stay in Nizhny and playing opportunities (participation in this and other, team vs. team level tournaments and so on.)

If you have any questions, concerning the organization and carrying out the tournament, please fax and write: contact person Sergei Bolshakov.

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